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2008-09-02 09:23:45

Yeah, I got my FN! And as I have promised a few who PMed me, I'll share the list of documents I've included in the application package. Please note that the list is not a "one-size-fit-all" and there are a number of things which are not applicable for buddies from Mainland, plus i don't need the copy of 'hukou' and notarization of documents.
Self assessment - 79 points
4 yrs undergrad in YorkU
1 yr work experience
on LMO WP right now
No IELTS (NOT recommended, I'm taking advantage of the fact that officers are familiar with HK public exams, and I got straight As for English in both public exams)
Submission: Oct 30, 2007
Delivered to HK office: Oct 31, 2007
Application fee deducted from credit card: Nov 19, 2007
FN letter received: Nov 27, 2007 (dated on Nov 20, 2007)
ME: Jan 15, 2008 (dated on Jan 2, 2008, sent on Jan 8, 2008)
ME result sent out: Jan 30, 2008
ME result received by BJ: Feb 18, 2008
DM: Jul 14, 2008
 Jan 15, 2008
Jan 17, 2008
16号打电话去Don Mills Dr. Tsai诊所预约,护士阿姨A很有耐性地问我个人资料(问我年龄两次,这个很重要吗?),然后告诉我要带什么,总费多少(Dr. Tsai $120 + X-ray $33)等等。
今天3:15准时到达诊所,护士阿姨B也很友善,被吩咐在3份表格上签名,再做一份关于general health and medical history的问卷(非常诚实),然后就跟Dr. Tsai进去做检查。
Dr. Tsai有点cool,不过技术很好。抽血的时候说我血管很幼,不过也很准确一针扎下去。有jm担心被男医生检查胸部,不过Dr. Tsai很专业,没有不舒服的感觉。最后留下urine sample之后,护士阿姨B交代要拿着表格去finch and kennedy那边做x-ray(其实还有另外一个地方选择,不过我忘了),交了$120,3:40离开诊所。我最后没有坚持交BJ,担心因为扣关浪费很多时间,不过护士阿姨B说如果我改变主意的话,在等blood test report的两个星期内可以跟她说,上去多交$130就好。我应该交BJ还是交ottawa好哪???
坐TTC #39到达4040 Finch Ave,交了表格+$33 (no change)给那个非常不专业的reception妹妹(不断跟自己朋友讲电话),坐了三十多分钟,然后两分钟x-ray,就完成了整个体检了!
 Mar 26, 2008
Jul 14,2008

为什么我的DM等了那么久呢? 就是因为香港的无犯罪记录。去做fingerprint的时候,我跟那里的人说我fingerprint是寄香港的,所以要做ink version。然后那个伯伯给我一份数据/表格,说跟fingerprint一拼寄回去,我照做了。

转转接接,五月的时候VO在email跟我说还没有收到我的无犯罪记录,我开始跟香港警方联络,才发现不知道里面那份表格出错,警方把我的无犯罪记录寄到Alberta去,那边没我的数据,当然就放一边/直接丢trash can去了。不过香港警方很好,马上帮我重新整理一份,然后六月十二号register mail寄去香港CIC。

1. Self Assessment (see bottom)
2. Appendix A Checklist – Visa Office Specific Instruction Hong Kong
2.1 Forms
?Application for Permanent Residence in Canada
?Schedule 1: Background/ Declaration
?Schedule 3: Economic Classes – Federal Skilled Workers
?Additional Family Information
2.2 Identity and Civil Status Documents
?Hong Kong Birth certificate
?Canada Driver’s Licence
2.3 Children’s Information – N/A
2.4 Travel Documents and Passports
?Copy of passport showing the passport number, date of issue and expiry, my photo, name, date and place of birth
?Recent Work Permit
2.5 Proof of Relationship in Canada – N/A
2.6 Education/ Training/ Qualification
?Study Permit
?Copy of diploma from York University – Bachelor of Administrative Studies with Honours
oYork University
oGeorge Brown College
2.7 Work Experience
?Post Graduate Work Permit
?Employer’s Reference Letter
?Job Offers
?T4 Statement of Tax Year 2005
?T4 Statement of Tax Year 2006
?Notice of Assessment of Tax Year 2005
?Notice of Assessment of Tax Year 2006
?Pay Stubs
oDec 1, 2005
oDec 28, 2006
oMost Recent Pay Stub
2.8 Proof of Language Proficiency
?Self written proof of proficiency in English
?Result notice of Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination
?Result notice of Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination
?Score record of Test of English as a Foreign Language
2.9 Arranged Employment
?Copy of Labour Market Opinion Confirmation
2.10 Non-Accompanying Family Members Declaration – N/A
2.11 Settlement Funds
?Exempted with Arranged Employment
2.12 Police Certificates and Clearances
?Will supply upon request
2.13 Fee Payment
?Payment Authorization Statement
2.14 Address in Chinese Characters – N/A
2.15 Photos
Thanks QQ's guidence on the preparation of the package. Please feel free if you want to change the subject line of mine. 
Jan 25, 2008
很多xdjm问我那个self assessment是什么一回事。其实没有什么特别,就是列了一下自己觉得在每个category拿多少分而已。简简单单的一个document, 如下:
Self Assessment

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